How do we do it

How do we do it

We analyze what exactly the problem to solve is and where it resides. Sometimes it is easy to detect and, in others, the real reasons for the conflict are hidden beyond the mere drafting of a legal action of any discipline.

We detect the problem and initiate immediate, direct, cellular and effective actions.

It is important to distinguish soon who has a serious will to resolve a conflict amicably and who intends only to lose or gain time.

Speed and effectiveness have to go hand in hand with management.

Initiated a process as accusers or defenders we are always willing to analyze a possible pact.

Each matter is periodically reviewed with the other members of the team who do not have direct control over it.

Our philosophy

It is that our clients want to solve problems, not win lawsuits. Even so, if the lawsuit is the only means to solve a problem, it is necessary to initiate or defend it.

There are not two equal processes although technically they seem and if you do not create a relationship with the client beyond trust, almost symbiotic, we can hardly give you a service tailored to what you intend.

We do not understand that the client deposits in us the judicial process or the negotiation. Just deposit your confidence.

In short, our client will defend their interests with us through active participation based on opinions, new strategies and ideas that come to mind.

For this the level of information to the client must be intense and permanent and the relationship close.

Fajula Codina Lawyers in Barcelona.

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  • Criminal law in general
  • Economic criminal law.
  • Tax Law.
  • Hereditary right.
  • Family right.
  • Crimes against people.
  • Immigration law
  • Frauds against social security.
  • Civil law.
  • Bank law.
  • Judicial mediation

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