from Fajula Codina Abogados, S.L. to Pepe Fajula

In 2019, given the obvious paradigm shift that was taking place at a social and professional level, I understood the need to simplify processes, spend more time on legal issues and less on the bureaucracy inherent in the business.

This has led me to evolve from a “classic” model, not very flexible, to one based on the collaborative economy and the decentralization of specializations, maintaining the same principles that we preached in FAJULA CODINA ABOGADOS SL, also counting on their experience, team and synergies. I am fully sure that the new concept will result in the practice of Law and communication with the client more agile, close and humane.

Areas of Professional Performance

  • Criminal law in general.
  • Economic criminal law.
  • Administrative infractions and crimes against public finances.
  • Tax Law.
  • Infractions and crimes against intellectual property.
  • Infractions and crimes against industrial property.
  • Infractions and crimes against privacy and self-image.
  • Civil liability actions for damages and traffic safety.
  • Crime of damages.
  • Criminal and administrative infractions against public health.
  • Criminal offenses of safety at work.
  • Crimes against honor.
  • Family right.
  • Infractions and offenses against the administration.
  • Falsehood crimes.
  • Crimes against people.
  • Frauds against social security.
  • Commercial companies and mercantile rights.
  • Right of free competition and unfair competition.
  • Hereditary right.
  • Right of financial entities and risk products.
  • Immigration law
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Bank law.
  • Civil law.
  • Ecological crimes.
  • Right of the environment.
  • Judicial mediation
  • Transactions
  • Arbitration processes.

What do we do

We solve the legal problems that our clients have and, above all, we advise them so that they do not have them.

Once the problem exists, we try to solve it by means of agreement or mediation (whenever it interests our client) and we do not hesitate to go to the judicial process if necessary.

We think that the maxim that “a bad agreement is better than a good suit” is not always true because in many cases a satisfactory transaction is achieved having forced a process.